Think Good Thoughts

 A little background on this project I hold dear.

When I was a teenager I went through a lot of depression and getting into my 20's I went through high peaks of anxiety. Sometimes the only thing that would get me through these down moments it the things that I loved..sometimes even just thinking about the things I love. 

That got me thinking. Just about everyone has their down moments or rough days and just about everyone has their quirks, objects, people that get them through those rough moments. And as you see below I've found all kinds of different answers to the question what is your good thought? 

My hopes is that one day this project will be so big that I can make an amazing photo book out of it that can be shared with the masses but as of right now it's just a project that I LOVE to take part in. 

I am in the works of having a non profit to donate to through this project. One that helps those who go through massive depression and anxiety. 

If you want to be a part of this project and get your photo taken or you want to donate to this program please leave a comment or even contact me in regards to THINK GOOD THOUGHTS.