Carr Fire Relief

The below photos are not my own, they are courtesy of friends and family from Facebook.

It all started with…

A blown tire on July 23rd. It has ripped through Northern California like a tornado destroying 1000 plus residential homes and over 154,000 acres. It has even sadly taken some lives. At 41% contained it still threatens many more homes and people. The firefighters and all relief support have been working so hard night and day to fight this fire and help those that have been displaced. Fighting against high temperatures and high winds has not made it any easier. This fire is determined to take out as much as possible in it's path.

For those of you that don't personally know me I have a massive connection to Redding, California. If you haven't heard of this town before well I'm sure you have now with it being on the news. But, Redding is my hometown. I grew up here and most of my family still lives here. My family, my friends and family of friends have all had their homes either threatened or completely destroyed. My heart truly breaks for all those that have lost in this disaster. I want to cry knowing that my hometown where most all my memories were born has been torn down in a matter of days. 

I want to help and I want to ask you for your help. From now until an undetermined amount of time...till really I feel Norcal is strong again I will be donating 50% of all my portrait sessions to fire relief in Redding. So if you need a portrait session (This does not exclude any sessions, I will even donate half Wedding session income) Please go to my investments page and book your session now or contact me if you have something specific you are wanting that you don't see. 

If you don't need photos but still want to help then please click below to donate directly. Every dollar helps. Thank you so much for your donation!