Easter in Tahoe

The cousins finally all got to be together for a week. It was so adorable watching them interact and the oldest, Colton was so good with the youngest, Aubree. 

We rented a house in the Tahoe Keys (I would highly recommend it). It snowed twice while we were there too which the littles LOVED. We got to take them sledding with the record breaking amounts of snow Tahoe has been having this year and pretty much all of us but Notna, Grandpa and Aubree got sunburned on our face. 

The three oldest kids even got to bunk together in the same room. I know my oldest, Emma, Loved that aspect cause she super loves her cousins! plus there was no shortage of good food...we split up cooking every day and we always bit off more than we can chew in the amount of food we make...so much leftovers ALL the time! Next time there needs to be one day where we JUST EAT LEFTOVERS. 

Easter Day came and went pretty quick. They all got so much stuff from the Easter bunny and had fun searching for eggs and their special "Golden" egg with surprises inside. 

My mom even put on a mommy/daughter tea party for our girls. They had so much fun drinking their tea and eating their treats with their mommies...there was even a dance party afterward. 

I truly think that renting a house makes for a much better vacation and I think easier with children. You don't eat out as much so it's also easier on the wallet and some houses even let you bring the dogs, so they get to have a little vacation too! 

All in all we had a great time with great food and company. Can't wait to see the kids smiling faces together again.