Favorite Session from the Past

This had to be one of my most favorite sessions I've done in the last 5 year. Trash the Dress shoots are so much fun..and guess what this specific one has quite the interesting back story.

THIS IS ACTUALLY MY DRESS (no I'm not in it)

yup! You read that right! I was engage before and it didn't work out for simple reasons of we just grew apart but I'm not gonna go into that. 

I was having trouble selling this dress because, as I'm sure a lot of you know there is a lot of "bad luck" around using someone else's dress who's marriage or engagement didn't work out. 

So my mom suggested to me that maybe I do a Trash The Dress session to have some fun and it was also quite cathartic after it all happened. I asked my best friend to wear the dress for me in this shoot and she was more than happy to help and the shoot lasted a few hours and oh my gosh it was so much fun. 

Lighting was perfect, balloons and bike were fun to use. Not gonna like getting in the water was pretty dang cold cause these pictures were taken in August. Plus, I almost lost my camera in the water...but I protected my baby before I protected me. HAHA. 

At the very end I asked my friend to run down a dock and jump in the freezing cold water not once but TWICE and she was completely down for it! I loved her so much for doing this for me and now I have these beautiful pictures forever!

I would gladly do another Trash the Dress session. Are you down? Do you have a dress that you would want to trash?