Why Photography?

Why Photography? 


well...for one thing I've always...and I mean always (at least every since I can remember) I've had a camrera in my hand..It started out with those disposable camera then when digital starting coming up is when my parents first got me my first digital handheld camera. It was ALWAYS with me, everywhere I went...I had so many albums full of photos.

There are many creatives in my family so the creative side of me really truly comes out. 

So inevitably I landed on becoming a photographer after High School...

I find photography an amazing art that can show all the beauty not just in people but in landscapes and animals and even still life or inanimate objects.

Photos capture the moment, them memories or what things and places looked like in a certain time period. It's completely amazing and beautiful to me to see. 

Ansel Adams has always been a photographer I look up to. His work is AMAZING and he truly captured the beauty in everything he took a photo of. If you have never seen his work I definitely encourage you to look it up!

And guess what...being a photographer...I never have a shortage of photos in my house...Though I may not be in them ALL the time...I have photographer friends who are willing to capture me and my family on the other side of the camera..(though my husband is not so much of a fan of constant pictures oh well...he knew what he married) :D 

This will ALWAYS be a passion of mine. No stoppin me now!